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Protect Your Business With A&R Services


Ensuring the safety and security of your business is of utmost importance. The rise in criminal activities and potential threats requires proactive measures to protect your assets, employees, and customers. Professional security services, including manned guarding, mobile patrols, and alarm response, play a crucial role in safeguarding your business. In this blog post, we will explore some common threats faced by businesses and discuss how professional security services can help mitigate these risks.

Burglary and Theft:

Burglary and theft are a persistent threat that businesses face. Criminals target premises to steal valuable assets, equipment, or sensitive information. Investing in professional security services, such as manned guarding, provides a visible deterrent to potential criminals. Trained security personnel can patrol the premises, monitor access points, and implement strict entry protocols to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the premises.

Vandalism and Property Damage:

Vandalism can have a significant impact on your business, damaging property and causing disruptions. A&R Services employ mobile patrols to regularly monitor your property, identify suspicious activities, and address any signs of vandalism promptly. Their presence alone can discourage potential vandals and protect your business from unnecessary damage.

Trespassing and Unauthorised Entry:

Unwanted trespassers and unauthorised individuals pose a serious security risk. They can disrupt operations, compromise the safety of employees, or steal valuable information. A&R Services employ access control measures, including ID checks and visitor management systems, to regulate entry and ensure that only authorised personnel have access. This helps prevent unauthorised entry and maintains a secure environment.

Alarm Monitoring and Response:

Alarm systems act as a critical early warning system for potential security breaches. A&R Services offer alarm monitoring and response services, ensuring that any alarm activation is promptly addressed. Trained security personnel can investigate the source of the alarm, assess the situation, and take appropriate actions, such as notifying the authorities, the relevant emergency contact/s and conducting a thorough search of the premises.

Why Choose A&R Services?

“One size fits all’ security plans simply don’t work.

At A&R Services, we specialise in providing professional security services that offer a proactive and comprehensive approach to mitigating risks, protecting assets, ensuring safety, and maintaining a secure environment for your business.

Our team of experienced security professionals are trained to handle various security challenges, implementing effective strategies to safeguard your premises and assets. With our visible presence and vigilant monitoring, we create an atmosphere of security that acts as a strong deterrent against potential threats.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer tailored security solutions to meet your specific needs. From routine patrols and access control to video surveillance and emergency response, our comprehensive approach ensures the highest level of protection for your business.

Our Security Team are SIA licenced and fully trained. They are there to protect your staff, assets and ultimately your business and have proven experience in reducing thefts at businesses across the country.


Protecting your business from common threats requires a comprehensive security strategy. A&R Services, with their expertise and resources, play a vital role in safeguarding your business against burglary, theft, vandalism, and unauthorised entry.

By investing in manned guarding, mobile patrols, and alarm response, you can create a secure environment, boost employee morale, and enhance customer confidence. Don’t compromise on the safety of your business—partner with A&R Services to ensure peace of mind and protection! If you’re interested in enhancing the security of your business, get in touch with our team today for a consultation and tailored security solution –  Security Services | Wales | Bristol | SIA Licenced Guards (

manned guarding

manned guarding