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Although having a sophisticated commercial cleaning schedule helps keep germs at bay and make your workplace more hygienic, there is more you can do to slow the spread of viruses.

With people now more health conscious than ever, our innovative Biomisting service is a great way for businesses to disinfect any area in minutes. We were one of the first companies to introduce this technology to the UK, we can kill 99.9999% of germs and make any workspace ready for use, helping the confidence of your staff.

Protect Your Business Disinfectant Services

Following the pandemic, infection control is more important than ever and companies are starting to take action. Whether it’s putting commercial cleaning in place or upping their current schedule, investing in biomisting (sometimes known as fogging) is a great way to reduce your staff sickness and offer longer protection.

Working with schools, medical facilities and businesses across the country, our experts can eliminate the majority of germs in any area, making it safe and ready for use.

Quick and effective – spray and walk away

Disinfect hard to reach crevices

BS EN 13697 accredited

Kill 99.9999% of germs

Office Biomisting Fogging

How does it work?

Bio-misting covers your area with a fine mist of effective biocidal cleaner and disinfectant. The fine mist reaches all the areas that would be impossible from regular cleaning equipment including tall walls and ledges. Once covered with the reactive Steri-7 chemical, once it is left to dry it comes into effect by destroying 99.9999 of bacteria, killing spores and viruses.

Why should you invest in Bio-misting Services?

Although commercial cleaning is an effective way to help prevent the Coronavirus from infecting your business, Bio-misting gives your businesses an added level of infection control and a high level of biosecurity.

In the presence of moisture, bacteria and viruses tend to thrive. When our Steri-7 biocidal solution dries, it not only kills the bacteria, but remains active to keep further bacteria at bay for up to a week.

How long does it take?

Our biomisting service is quick and effective. We can spray a room in just minutes. Once the solution is dry, your now virus-protected area is ready for use.

What disinfectant do you use?

Steri-7 disinfectant is used with our Bio-misting machines, carrying BS EN 14476. Once used the product effectively removes bacteria when the solution is rested for just 30 minutes, remaining effective for up to a week later. This means that while your regular commercial cleaning schedule continues, the solution continues to work.

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