Why Keyholding & Alarm Response are Essential for Business Security

Alarm response and keyholding are an effective and affordable way to protect your business. Although most businesses have regular alarms in place, they are ineffective without a proper response. When an alarm is sounded, roughly 60% of people ignore it completely, with only 1.9% of people calling the police. Don’t let your business become another statistic.

Our expert security team are on hand to respond to any alarms in a manner than keeps you best protected, neutralising any threats. Learn why our keyholding and alarm response services could be the perfect solution to protect your workplace.

What You Can Expect

By providing company keys and alarm systems to a third-party provider, you can go about your working day as normal and let us take care of any security breaches, both inside and outside of working hours. Our SIA licenced guards are on hand to respond to any threats, helping to save you valuable time and resources, as well as reducing the risk of theft and damage to your business.

Whether you’re in a high-risk area or have assets that need protecting, we give you the time to focus on your core operations while you know that you have a professional and licenced security team on hand to deal with any threats in the most effective way.

The Dangers Businesses Face Without Security

Businesses must have a robust alarm response strategy so their assets, employees and customers are protected. A simple alarm without proper follow-up and checks is simply ineffective.

Investing in alarm response and keyholding today holds a better return on investment than splashing out to deal with the effects of a break-in, theft or vandalism.

Fulfilling your duty of care to customers and visitors, businesses need to be proactive and invest in security measures that make them a much more difficult target to any criminals. Ensure you have a sophisticated and effective alarm response plan to safeguard your business and all those within it.

✔️ Reduce the risk of theft as well as assuring employees and customers are safe

✔️ Effective and professional 24/7 response to security breaches

✔️ Maintain the reputation of your business

How to Choose a Provider

Having a security strategy in place is the first step in protecting your workplace. However, choosing the right provider can be the difference in the level of service you receive.

Your security team need to be there when you need them most, so be sure to do your research. Be sure to read reviews, check their licences and request a few quotes. In any case, the most important thing when choosing a supplier is the locality. This ensures that they have a faster response time as well as better knowledge of crime in the area, offering a more effective service.

Keyholding and alarm response are vital tools in keeping your business safe. By choosing A&R Services, you ensure that you have a team of SIA-licenced security professionals on hand to keep your business protected, giving you more headspace to focus on what you do best.

With reputation, experience and professional service at an affordable price, be sure to get your free quote today from our security experts.