person in hazmat suit about to perform biomisting

Industries that Benefit from Biomisting the Most

Following the pandemic, maintaining a safe and germ-free workplace is still a big priority. Although Covid isn’t as big a concern as it once was, our Biomisting is still a great tool in preventing the outbreak of any other viruses, fulfilling the duty of care to all in your business.

With hygiene being a top concern for staff and customers, reducing the risk of infections in your workplace is a crucial responsibility. See below how post-pandemic, our Biomisting and disinfecting services can bring advantages to many industries.

Biomisting in Schools

With a high concentration of students and staff, schools are prone to frequent outbreaks of illness. With more bouts than in other industries, keeping a healthy level of infection control is extremely important.

With Strep A being the latest concern, our experts will help to eliminate viruses and bacteria from your school, creating a positive and healthy learning environment for your students.

Our experts help you to eliminate viruses and bacteria from your school, ensuring that your students can work in a positive learning environment. Regular use of our disinfection services increases the confidence and comfort of students, staff and parents.

Disinfection Services for Factories

Factories often include high-contact areas between employees, making the spread of viruses all too common. Biomisting helps factories to maintain a safe environment and ensures that there are a reduced number of illnesses, helping your production and efficiency to be at a healthy level.

Regular disinfection can also help to develop a positive reputation, showing your factory as one that has a good level of care for its workforce and production.

Fogging for Offices

In the post-COVID era, offices and commercial buildings are still making hygiene a top priority. Our team are still providing fogging services so that meeting rooms are prepared and that illness levels remain as low as possible, helping you to maintain a happy and healthy workforce. This clean and safe work environment promotes good employee morale and productivity.

Biomisting for Medical Facilities

The medical industry needs a better level of hygiene than any other industry. With many people passing through the building with a number of illnesses, it is vital to keep bacteria levels as low as possible to protect staff and ensure that those who visit do not get any more ill.

Our work plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety of all those in the medical facility by eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria. Medical organisations who work with our disinfecting experts greatly reduce the number of viruses and bacteria, improving the reputation of their medical facility and ensuring that all their patients are as safe as possible.

No matter the industry, our Biomisting services keep your bacteria levels as low as possible, ensuring that your staff and customers are protected from potential outbreaks.

Get in touch with our disinfecting experts and get a free quote that will keep you and your workplace protected, maintaining the confidence of your staff and fulfilling the duty of care you have to your visitors.