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Why School Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

Following the pandemic, most schools’ attitudes towards cleanliness and hygiene have changed; there is now a greater duty of care to keep everyone protected. There is now a more concerted effort to ensure that schools are up to standard.

With remote learning seemingly a thing of the past, schools are working on strategies to make the classroom a better place to learn and see cleaning as a catalyst for creating a positive learning environment.

We have worked closely with a number of schools across the country and understand the benefits that commercial cleaning can have. Our experts have listed some of the key reasons why having a clean and hygienic school is more important than ever.

Boost Student Performance

Schools can be breeding grounds for germs. Many kinds of flu and bugs are passed around due to high contact points such as door handles, tables and corridors in between lessons. Often interacting with 100s of students daily, keeping illness levels down and maintaining a clean environment is no easy task.

Schools with a good level of commercial cleaning are proven to achieve higher grades. Students get distracted by clutter and mess, by having a clean environment can ensure that more of their focus goes towards lessons. The reduced sickness levels when we sanitise schools also ensure that they miss out on less, boosting their performance come exam time. Commercial cleaning for schools can truly make a difference.

Happier Teachers

It isn’t only pupils who see the benefits of a clean environment. A clean classroom can also see teachers do what they do better. When teachers spend time cleaning classrooms, why not allow them to use that time to do some marking, do some more planning or even have a rest to better prepare for the next lesson? This allows them to be the best version of themselves and teach more effectively.

Since teachers are an integral part of any school, they should use every minute of their time wisely. A clean classroom can save them valuable time, reduce distractions and helps them to do their job more effectively.

The bottom line is that productivity is better when learning in a clean and organized classroom.

Impressions Count

Word gets around quickly in schools. Whether it’s a student telling their parents about a dirty toilet or even an Ofsted visit, a dirty school quickly gets a reputation. By having commercial cleaning in place, you can be sure to give a good impression on any visitors and make your school more attractive to any would-be students.

Better yet, a clean school instils a shared sense of school pride and sets a standard that will soon be followed by students and teachers alike.

Having a clean school goes much further than hygiene. It helps to instil pride, reduce illness and is a big contributor to a good learning experience.

With people more hygiene conscious than ever and school places getting more competitive, top-level commercial cleaning could be the edge you need. Our team of experts will work with you to put a bespoke cleaning plan in place that targets high-contact areas and ultimately, works for you.