4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security Company

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a security company and making sure that they are a good fit for your business isn’t always easy. Although most will provide a good service and may have the right tools to keep businesses protected. The truth is that there are characteristics which make some companies a better fit than others, making the right choice can be the difference in how well-guarded your business is. So, let us make that choice a bit simpler. Our security experts have written a handy list that you should run through before picking the right security company for you, helping to give you a good level of protection and great value for money.


Accreditation is such a simple thing to check, it is also vitally important. Any qualified security company will wear their certifications with pride as they know that it is vitally important to their customers. This means that it won’t be difficult to find, often showing these qualifications on their website or their marketing material.

For qualified security guards, it’s good to check that they are all SIA licenced – not only does this mean that the guards are of a high standard, but it is vital as all guards working in the UK must hold this.

You can also look out for other accreditations such as ISO. Hard to obtain, companies can hold ISO certifications for management processes, sustainability and much more.


Many companies will offer a generic security service which may not be suitable for you. The truth is that if one security plan is effective in one business, it may not be so effective in another. Due to the location, threats and other characteristics, different approaches are required.

Be sure to have a security company that works with you and ensures that the strategy is built around your needs. This means that you aren’t paying for anything that isn’t effective and that every penny you spend gives you the best protection.


When choosing a security company, you must research. It can be difficult to work out how effectively a security company would work with you without using them first.

By looking at online reviews and the company’s clients, you can get a good idea of the range of businesses they work with and their level of service.


Working with a security company in your local area is often a good choice. They will typically have better knowledge of local crime rates and will be able to adapt their strategies based on that.

With more guards in your local area, they can better cover staff absence and offer a quicker response rate to alarm triggers.

Getting security can be a big commitment so we hope that these tips will help you to choose a company that best suits your needs. It is so important to put steps in place to ensure that the company you work with can provide you with the best service and aligns with your values.

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