Security guard wearing a high vis vest

Industries That Need Security the Most

Many criminals are opportunists, they’ll take the chance to steal something if they see an opening. This of course means that no matter the type of business you operate, you could be at risk. Although some businesses are more likely to have a breach than others, it’s best to always take the steps to reduce those opening and keep your business protected.

With over 90,000 recorded robberies in Wales and England in 2020, no matter what industry you’re in, there are foundational steps you can take to minimise threats. Businesses may be targeted because of the valuables they hold or simply because their security presence just isn’t strong enough – let’s make sure you’re not just another statistic.

So, what businesses are more likely to be targeted and would see great benefit from having a bespoke security plan?

Retail Security

Shoplifting is perhaps one of the most common forms of theft. Since shoplifting is generally low-risk and high reward, even if someone has no history of crime, they may still fancy their chances if they see an opportunity.

So, why are retail stores such a common target? Well, this is mainly because there is often little to no deterrent. Most shops have CCTV, but there are very few shops that have security guards. Because of this, protection of stock is usually entrusted to retail assistants who are often too busy to be looking out for theft and in most cases, are encouraged not to get involved or stop anybody.

Construction Security

When valuable tools or materials are left out overnight, construction sites can be easy pickings for criminals, especially if the site is unmanned outside of working hours.

Mobile patrols or manned guarding act as a great tool to reduce the number of thefts on your site. Furthermore, thefts on construction sites can have a great impact on the whole project or job, causing significant delays if materials or tools need to be reordered. This generally means that if your company has a history of theft, investing in security services should give you a pretty good return on investment.

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Warehouse Security

Without security, warehouses are prime targets for thieves. Not only do they hold large amounts of stock, but often have a large perimeter and plenty of blind spots. So, security is truly vital.

CCTV alone often isn’t enough. Although some warehouses cannot afford to have a guard on-site, there are other effective options, such as mobile patrols. Since most warehouse heists are planned, random mobile patrols can put a major dent in any would-be criminals’ plans.

Although some criminals may be opportunists, there are simply some industries that would see a great return on investment in security services due to the amount of theft they face.

Having a security guard on-site may not be for everyone, that’s why we offer bespoke plans. Whether it’s alarm response or mobile patrols, we will work closely with you to understand your threats and your budget, constructing an affordable plan that works for you.

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