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Should Your Employees Be Cleaning The Workplace?

While you and your employees are focused on growing your business, getting your workplace clean can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought. Of course, there is a responsibility that staff should keep their workspace relatively clean, but without proper care and attention clutter can soon crop up, which leads to a world of problems.

Following the Coronavirus, we are all more hygiene conscious than ever before and employees will now expect a certain standard of cleanliness in the workplace. So, let’s run through the reasons why it might not be the best idea to have your own staff carry out the cleaning duties.

Staff Wellbeing

First off, having your staff carry out the cleaning can lead to poor morale. A positive working environment ensures that everyone consistently does their best work. Especially with their regular workload, adding on a cleaning routine can lead to staff being overworked, leading to either their cleaning duties or their regular role taking a back seat.

This reduced productivity can easily spread through the workplace it will eventually impact your bottom line. Think of commercial cleaning as a long-term investment for your growth. By getting a commercial cleaner, you can better use your staff and resources so you can push your business in the right direction and that staff can truly feel that they are valued.


Having a quick spruce up around the office can seem simple, however, commercial cleaning is no easy task. Although employees can get rid of clutter and disinfect some surfaces, this is simply not enough to keep your location in good condition. Our team of professionals offer a more comprehensive service that reduces illness and provides a super-positive impression for any visitors, rather than just getting rid of some mess.

By having untrained staff carry out your cleaning, there is then a risk of accident and way more product being used than needed. This can result not only in product being wasted and money lost, but cross-contamination and much higher staff sickness. We offer you the required health and safety standards. All our staff are expertly trained in manual handling and COSHH, meaning they know what equipment and chemicals are to be used to give you a perfect clean. With people more hygiene conscious than ever, make sure that such a demanding task is done with the right level of care.

Additional Tools and Equipment

We take pride in what so do. So, we’ve taken the time to invest in top of the range kit so we can carry out our work to a high standard. Not only this, but we can do it quicker too, saving the amount of time we spend on-site so you can focus on the good stuff.

This also means that we can carry out tasks that regular office staff cannot without specialist equipment such as pressure washing, floor buffing and more. These tasks cannot be done without certain equipment and specialised chemicals that would not be readily available to most businesses without extra cost.

Although having your regular staff perform your cleaning may seem like a good idea, the job will never be thorough enough. This can lead to a whole range of issues including poor staff morale, staff sickness and poor building upkeep. So, why not leave it to the expert?

As a long-term investment, commercial cleaning is the sensible option. We can offer you a custom package that suits your needs, no matter how big or small. Get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to explain how we can become the next asset to your business.