Office Biomisting Fogging

The Unexpected Benefits of Biomisting

We hope that you all know about the great benefits of biomisting and that it can effectively disinfect any area so it is ready for use, creating an effective barrier that greatly helps with infection control. However, since it became such a popular service during the pandemic, it has now been recognised as a leading and effective disinfectant service that will be utilised long after the pandemic

If you don’t know much about biomisting, also known as fogging, you can get the low-down in one of our previous blogs (hyperlink). For now, let’s run through some of the unexpected benefits of our leading disinfecting service.

Client & Staff Reassurance

Recent studies have found that 94% of workers are more productive in a clean and clutter-free workspace. Although biomisting won’t get rid of clutter, pairing our biomisting service with our commercial cleaning is a great way to inspire confidence in the workplace so everyone can carry out their business comfortably, ultimately achieving better results.

Especially after the doubts and uncertainty that Covid planted about the return to the office, a disinfected workspace can have a great psychological impact on all those who visit your establishment.

Even Distribution

An often-forgotten benefit of biomisting is that it has supreme surface coverage, much better than other disinfectant methods. Since the mist we dispense is so fine, it reaches and disinfects areas that are impossible to reach by a commercial clean or a deep clean.

Having been one of the first companies in Wales to provide biomisting, our experts are able to work their magic and ensure that you get maximum coverage. This maximum coverage ensures that unknown problem areas can be dealt with.

Speedy Service

When we arrive on location to perform one of our biomists, you will see us dressed in hazmat suits and high-tech looking backpacks. Although we have to get ourselves well prepared, the time it takes to carry out a biomist isn’t very long at all. Once the biomist is complete, the solution only needs to be left to work its magic for 30 minutes before you are allowed to enter the room again.

Since our service is so quick, biomisting can be slotted in and around your schedule so you can keep up with your disinfectant standards and continue to operate smoothly.

✔️ Save time – spray and walk away

✔️ Reach crevices otherwise impossible to clean

✔️ BS EN 13697 accredited

Workspaces can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses to spread. Biomisting gives you a fantastic level of infection control and provides a wide range of other benefits that aid the smooth running of your business.

Having provided biomisting to a variety of industries, get in touch to receive your free quote and make the next steps in ensuring that your workplace is sanitised.