Construction Site

Top Tips to Improve Your Construction Security

Construction sites can often be a primary target for thieves. Whether it’s commercial or residential, there are assets on-site such as tools and equipment which leads criminals to see these areas as easy pickings. Due to the rise of construction site theft, site managers must be more vigilant. The reality is that theft can occur at any time and staff cannot be available 24/7.

When a construction site does fall victim to crime, it can be drastic to the project and impact the entire workflow. Not only does stealing cost them money, but the theft of valuable tools or materials can seriously impact the project timeline while they wait for new stock or tools to arrive.

By implementing just a few simple practices and tips, you can greatly improve the security of your construction site.

Create a Security Plan

The threat level of your site can depend on a variety of factors including local crime rate, location and emergency response time. By undertaking a detailed assessment of your site, we can identify the largest threats that face your business and develop a bespoke security plan.

Unlike other security companies, we will take the time to identify the needs of your business and make sure that we are giving you a suitable level of protection. One-size-fits-all security plans, sold by other companies, often miss some threats and don’t always pay proportionate attention to the risks your business faces, leading you to spend money on areas that are already secure.

Staff Security Training

It is proven that companies who hold regular security training and awareness sessions for their staff have fewer workplace incidents. Your staff must be up to date with the latest security practices as some breaches are down to human error and your staff are your best source for reporting potential problems.

By having your staff aware of potential threats and having a clear system where they can report suspicious behaviour, your company is likely to improve its safety and awareness throughout the worksite.

Protect the Perimeter

Often, when criminals are scouting out your construction site, the perimeter is the first thing they check. This includes access points, loading areas and other easy-access areas. By implementing effective security systems on your perimeter, you are then making a big step in protecting everything within its boundaries.

Whether it’s reducing access points, having locks on doors or sophisticated video systems in place, fortifying your perimeter is the perfect first layer of security to keep your work site protected.

Types of Security

As mentioned, a blanket one-size-fits-all security plan just isn’t effective. Different sites have different threats, needs and budgets. All factors need to be considered to ensure that all spending and systems are proportionate to your risks.

No matter your risks or budget, we will take the time to understand your business, your budget and your risks to create a bespoke plan that will work for you. Whether it’s advanced manned guarding or simply alarm response, see our range of security services or simply get in touch with our team for a no-obligation chat to see how we can keep you protected.