Mobile patrols

How Do Mobile Patrols Keep You Protected?

Mobile patrols are perhaps more important than ever since most organisations are facing additional challenges that impact their resources and security. In wake of these challenges, a good security plan can boost finances, safety and win back some customer confidence, helping your business to recover and grow.

We understand that not all businesses are the same and that you can’t apply the same plan to everybody. We take the time to understand your business, your threats and create a bespoke plan that will work for you. Mobile guarding and patrols are a great way to secure your grounds and monitor a specific area, acting as a great deterrent to any potential security breaches.

So, what are the main benefits of having mobile patrols?

Random Checks

Criminals like patterns and work around those patterns to find their targets and carry out their hits. However, our security stays one step ahead. By monitoring your site at varying times, we can keep the windows of opportunity as low as possible, increasing the strength of our security and keeping you safer.

Often, criminals will carry out their work at quieter times when no one is present. Random checks act as a deterrent and ensure that they won’t know when to expect us, taking confidence away from their plans.


Mobile security officers must be ready for anything. Working in different locations can throw up a range of situations due to the location or nature of the business they are guarding.

Thanks to their experience and skillset, mobile patrol officers can be adaptive in their approach, dealing with threats in an appropriate manner and not a one-size-fits-all approach, giving you the advantage to initiate on-sight security without paying for a 24/7 guard.


When you have a mobile patrol service, it is always best that your provider is keeping themselves up to date with threats in the surrounding area. By having regular inspections, mobile patrol officers can customize the inspections for each client and are able to better spot threats that may be more likely for your business, continually adapting their work to suit your needs.

Some companies think that mobile patrols may be too big of a service for their business or that it just isn’t for them. The truth is that there is no business that can’t be a target and that we can mould our services to you, integrated as a cost-effective solution.

It can also be used to bolster and enhance existing security systems that you may have in place. For example, mobile officers can replace static officers where there is low activity and can provide a security presence at blind spots or areas with no guards.

Having a good security plan in place can boost staff morale and set you up for further growth by restoring the confidence of your customers.

Get in touch with our experts who are happy to, at no obligation, chat about your premises, your needs and how we can create a bespoke plan that will help to keep you and your business protected.