Cleaning Offices

Unexpected Germ-Ridden Things in Your Office

The return to the office can be a concern for some. Whether it’s not being allowed to work in your dressing gown or facing the morning commute again, we have come to find that many are concerned about facing germ-ridden environments again.

Whilst it is impossible to completely stop germs from spreading in a busy office, there are steps you can take to reduce potentially dangerous bacteria levels. To improve your infection control and keep your workplace clean, it is important to remember these often-forgotten areas.

Whether it’s sharing a microwave or a kettle, we are going to have to get used to being around each other again. So, whether you think your office is spic and span or you’re sat there with some anti-bacterial wipes raring to go, let’s run through some of the unexpected items in your office that may need some attention.

Keyboard & Mouse

Your hands are on your keyboard and mouse all day, you’re even scrolling on this article right now. This is what we call a high-contact area. Do you occasionally see a build-up of grime on your mouse that you can scratch off? That’s the build-up of food particles and dead skin cells, yuck!

Even without those skin cells, we are all guilty of having the occasional snack at our desk and we have all certainly sneezed at our desk. As one of the places that hold the most germs on your desk, be sure to clean your keyboard and mouse regularly.

Office Phone

Like your keyboard and mouse, office phones can be a breeding ground for bacteria and are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. Worse yet, an office phone is a common pitfall when it comes to infection control since it is held close to your face.

Did you know that your phone can average 25,000 germs per square inch… which is more than a toilet seat!


This one doesn’t come as a surprise. However, even flushing a toilet with the lid up can spray water up to a metre in the air, meaning everything you touch has likely been affected and will be carried with you as you walk back into the office space.

Before returning to the workspace, be sure to flush with the lid down and wash your hands thoroughly. This will do wonders for your hygiene and infection control.

While you may wash your hands thoroughly already, others may not, meaning that germs are transferred onto door handles.

So, there we have it! You won’t be surprised to know that only roughly 3% of offices sufficiently clean their equipment.

With our commercial cleaning services, we will get a solid cleaning regime in place that will help to reduce staff sickness.

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