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All You Need to Know About Biomisting

Most seem to think that Biomisting is a new revelation that began in the pandemic. However, Biomisting has been around for a little while and isn’t just a tool against Coronavirus. It is also a great resource when used in partnership with your commercial cleaning, or as a standalone service.

We are pioneers of Biomisting and were one of the first to bring it to South Wales, providing the service to some of the largest organisations in the country.

What is Biomisting?

Biomisting covers the room or work area in a strong and effective disinfectant, providing you with a barrier of protection. By spraying the room with the solution, the smaller particles are able to nestle themselves in the harder-to-reach areas to give you a deeper clean, hitting some areas that may not be covered with a typical commercial clean.

The solution kills 99.9999% of germs and dries in just seconds, helping to give you instant and superior infection control. Our Biomisting solution is BS EN 13697 accredited and since they have provided the service to 1000s of companies across the UK, they know how to best treat any room.

For example, it is popularly used in schools at the end and beginning of terms, or offices and events before big occasions as a quick and effective way to ensure that the space is safe to use before long-term use

Who Should Use Biomisting?

Biomisting can be used in a variety of sectors and thanks to its being able to reach even the smallest of crevasses, can be a perfect solution for even the trickiest of rooms. As previously mentioned, it is popularly used in schools, offices and event spaces, but we have also conducted the service in hospital wards and universities.

Of course, during Coronavirus, the number of enquiries we had about Biomisting increased. However, even as Coronavirus begins to quieten down, Biomisting is still a service that can be extremely useful as it is a quick and cost-effective way to disinfect any area quickly and effectively.

Is Biomisting Safe?

The short answer is yes. Biomisting is very safe and depending on the size of the area, the service can be carried out in just minutes. Then, once the mist is given time to settle and work, the room and area can be used as normal with 99.9999% of germs disinfected, giving you a protective barrier that is great for infection control.

We hope that this blog answers some of the questions that you may have had on Biomisting. Of course, it’s not a replacement for commercial cleaning, but can be used as a great one-off service if you’re looking to completely disinfect one area or as an addition to your typical clean a busy period.