A&R Finance Director Ashley Davies pictured in Bridgend Town Centre

5 Facilities Management Trends for 2022 That You Should Know

As soft service providers continue to survive and even thrive in today’s continuing tough economy, one thing stands out above all else – the strength and resilience of those in our industry.

A&R Services Co-founder and Finance Director, Ashley Davies has listed what he feels are the top trends for the year ahead, and ones you should be aware of:

The rise of green cleaning                   

‘’Green cleaning is not about simply replacing your current product with a milder cleaner. It is about examining your entire process of cleaning, identifying the areas that can be improved, developing plans and procedures, and measuring the results.’’

We treat green cleaning as the standard now and not an ‘option’. It is now a prerequisite for many sites in an accordance with CSR and Environmental Policies’.

Blended security contracts

’With an increase in National Minimum Wage set to come into force in April of this year, and expected rises in National Insurance, the security industry is going to experience a sharp rise in labour costs’’.

Already, clients in the FM sector and end-users are reviewing their outsourced security contracts due for renewal. Many are becoming more open-minded towards alternative options such as the blended security delivery model to recuperate some of these increased wage costs.

A growing reliance on flexible office space

In 2021 a PwC survey said that 31% of business leaders said they anticipate reducing their office space, while 56% plan to increase it!

‘’However, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily expanding their corporate headquarters!’’

In the same survey, 58% said they planned to open more locations, such as satellite offices in suburbs that are closer to where people live to encourage more in-person collaboration.

IoT continues to grow, and will likely takeover

AI, smart technology, automated devices and sensors are now able to monitor occupancy, social distancing, HVAC, lighting, security, fire prevention, air quality, cleaning, and smart parking.

‘’As exciting as this is for the facilities industry, it also poses a risk in leaving those who don’t innovate or adapt behind.

By 2025, an estimated 26 billion connected devices will be in service.’’

Supply chain

Supply chain experts agree that the global economy may suffer if products are not able to move more freely and predictably around the world.

‘’An additional focus for this year will no doubt be on sustainability, which has been a supply chain trend for a few years. With the recent Glasgow 2021 climate change conference, expect sustainability to play an ever-greater role in the supply chain’’.  

Facilities management trends for 2022 will be focused on pandemic-related responses, and technological innovation, resulting in improved performance.

Because of the pandemic, FM stakeholders will continue to focus on hybrid workplaces whilst at the same time, FM technologies that will continue to advance, despite the pandemic.