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Step aside ‘Multipurpose’ household cleaner: Why specialist industrial cleaners are more effective

Commercial setting cleaning products

The cleaning procedure of a commercial workplace is much more demanding than that of the domestic household.

Basic cleaning with mainstream cleaning products should be enough in a home setting but that’s not the case with in a commercial setting.

With exposure to higher volumes of people using shared equipment, communal areas and washrooms, businesses need to take hygiene standards to a whole new level.

It’s so important that safety and hygiene standards are adhered to in the commercial setting that using the most effective products is crucial.

The benefits of a clean workplace prove how commercial cleaning is more of an investment, rather than an expense.

Our quality service

We believe that quality should never be compromised.

Other cleaning companies will try to compete entirely on price and increase their margins by using multipurpose cleaning products. We’re different. Whilst still competitively priced, here at A & R we only use industry products that outperform the cleaning products available in supermarkets.

We use a preferred supplier that we can trust to supply the most effective products. More expensive, yes, but it means that bugs like E.coliMRSA and Clostridium Difficile are completely eliminated when they come into contact with our products. You shouldn’t skimp on your health.

The proof

Visibly cleaner spaces – Many of our clients have said that since we have been their cleaning provider they have found surfaces such as windows, mirrors and floors to be visibly cleaner. This is because we refuse to use a generic multipurpose cleaner and instead separate specialist cleaning products for each different purpose.

A healthier workplace – Industrial cleaning products ultimately mean a healthier workplace. This has obvious financial benefits in a workplace but the benefits go much further than that. It equals happier and more effective employees.

Reduced absenteeism – We recently had feedback from a local primary school that, after using our services, their absenteeism numbers had reduced significantly. We put this down to the expertise and skills of our team and our commitment to using the best products for the job. We believe that our clients should have full peace of mind.

Whilst mainstream multipurpose cleaners are generally fine for your household, they certainly are not good enough for commercial premises.

If you’re not convinced by the hygiene level of your current contract cleaning company, get in touch today and see what a difference we can make.