Why Should Your Extractor Fans Be Regularly Cleaned?

Extractor fans, whether a property is domestic or commercial, everyone has one somewhere.

But what do they do other than being dust collectors?  Extractor fans draw up air particles containing dust and moisture removing foul smells from a room.

But when cleaning, extractor fans can be an overlooked area and after a while those drawn up particles can collect in the vents, filters and blades leading to the build-up of mould and mildew within the fan becoming the perfect environment to release and spread bacteria and germs into the air and settle on surfaces. With build-up within the fan, it can reduce the amount of moisture removed from the air causing moisture to linger, increasing the risk of mould and mildew to grow in a room damaging walls, flooring, ceilings and furnishings producing foul smells and creating an unwelcoming environment.

We at A&R Contract Cleaning Services know you want to leave a great first impression when someone enters a room and that your cleaners shouldn’t just clean the visible areas to achieve that. Your cleaners should also clean hidden and overlooked areas such as extractor fans, regularly cleaning them of dust and dirt. This is not just a light dusting to get rid of the visible dirt with the use of regular cleaning products and a standard cloth– our cleaning staff clean with industry cleaning products and colour-coded microfibre cloths getting rid of stubborn dirt build-up and disinfecting – killing bugs and viruses from inside and the outside the fan. Using these specific products not only effectively remove dirt and disinfect, it helps eliminate further build-up of dirt and bacteria but also foul smells.

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