Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way to have a security presence on your site and a great method to deter any would-be criminals. An alternative to manned guarding, our mobile patrol team consists of SIA licenced guards who will visit your site at irregular intervals.

Our random visits will make it difficult for criminals to make any plans and the physical presence of the guards makes your business a much more difficult prospect for crime. The guards will check the building and perimeter of your location to ensure that all necessary security measures are in place and that your business is protected.

Why Choose A&R Services?

Our team of SIA licenced security experts are on hand to carry out the best mobile patrols and to protect your business as if it were our own.

Experienced in carrying out mobile patrols for many industries, our team adapt their work so that you always receive the best results. Our irregular intervals mean that we have no set visit pattern, making any organised attempts at a security breach much more difficult.

Able to cover large areas, our team will keep a record of any suspicious activity and are on hand to deal with any difficult situations.

mobile patrol in the city
mobile patrol

What You Can Expect

Mobile patrols are an affordable way to have good security in place when you need to cover large areas. On our irregular and thorough patrols, you can expect our SIA licenced team to:

Inspect the perimeter and boundaries to ensure no breaches have been made

Rapid response to emergencies

Take note of any suspicious activity

Have a strong presence to deter any would-be criminals

Review assets and machinery

Crime Deterrent

By making use of our mobile patrol team, you have an affordable method of having a physical security presence on your site. This alone is a great way to reduce threats to your businesses as criminals see you as a much higher risk.


Not all businesses have the budget for manned guarding. Our security team will work closely with you to understand your business, identify threats and put together an effective security plan that works within your budget.

Happier Staff

Your staff should feel protected. By having mobile patrols in place, the visibility of a guard makes your staff feel more valued and helps to eliminate the worry of outside threats. This means that they aren’t distracted and can focus on helping to grow the business.

Why are A&R right for you?

We have been working with nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and independent schools across the UK for over ten years. 

We know that first impressions are everything when you receive visitors to your nursery, school or University, it’s important that they get the best impression of you. Relying on a commercial cleaning company your facilities are always looking their best and will help to raise your standards.

As well as providing daily school cleans we also offer our deep cleaning services, perfect to be conducted during the school holidays and even during term time! We also provide our Washroom and Janitorial Services to schools & further education, providing you with access to a range of products at a preferential rate. 

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Why Our Clients Love Working With Us
Every client has a dedicated account manager and an onsite communication book
Our staff have a visible log in/log out system, meaning all their hours are recorded
Our friendly in-house staff are all DBS checked
Our hiring process is rigorous, our highly skilled cleaning professionals go through a thorough 10-step development course.
Tailored Approach
A&R Cleaning Services create bespoke cleaning schedules for every client and identify cleaning hotspot unique to them
Here at A&R Services we take keyholding responsibility and insurance seriously with guaranteed COSHH compliance.
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A&R Cleaning Services enforce an easy-to-use colour coding system, with industry-leading specialist cleaning equipment
We’re ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 accredited and have all the processes and systems in place to guarantee quality commercial cleaning services.