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Why Factory Security Is More Important Than Ever

Factories are more at risk of becoming targets for criminals due to the nature of their growing stock and inventory. As your factory continues to grow, so should the methods you use to protect both your staff and the workplace.

If you have no security systems in place at your factory, then you are most definitely at risk. If you do have security in place already, be sure to review it with security experts as your business and operations continue to develop. See below the top reasons why factory security is more important than ever.

Dangers to Factories with Weak Security

With valuable equipment and raw materials held on-site, factories are becoming bigger targets for criminals. Theft from factories can have drastic impacts on the operations of a factory and ultimately, its profits.

When factories lose raw materials and equipment, it can lead to disruptions and downtime in production, as well as equipment damage. On a deeper level, employees who don’t feel safe do not work as productively as those who are comfortable in their work environment. The aforementioned factors all have an impact on your bottom line. This means that having sufficient security in place provides a solid return on investment, not only protecting your assets and staff, but also helping to ensure that you continue to meet production levels.

As technology develops, criminals are getting smarter and are finding new and innovative ways to carry out attacks. From drones to scout factories, hacking or even using social media to find vulnerabilities, having a professional security team helps your business to stay one step ahead.

Key Aspects of Our Factory Security

A one size fits all security plan may give you some level of protection, but a custom plan based on your needs ensures that you get the best value. Providing manned guarding, mobile patrols, alarm response and more, you can be sure that all of our security plans consider your risks as a business so that you get the most benefit.

One key aspect of factory security is to show any criminals that you have a strong security presence and are not an easy target. By having guards inspect the perimeter of your factory at a random schedule, it becomes difficult for criminals to make plans based on their movements.

Why You Should Have Factory Security

Factory security isn’t just about making sure that your assets, materials and machinery aren’t stolen, but it can yield many more benefits for you as a business. Not only does it help to protect your staff, but enhances your reputation.

Moreso, having security in place keeps you one step ahead. It also ensures that you are compliant and are meeting all of the relevant health and safety regulations. Having suitable security in place also helps you to have a happy and more comfortable workforce, resulting in a much better output.

With criminals using new ways to steal materials and machinery, investing in security is vital in keeping your factory protected. Offering custom-made security plans, we can implement a security presence that not only makes you less of a target, but will also have SIA-licenced guards on hand to deal with any situations should they need to.

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