Commercial Cleaner with Hoover

Signs That Your Cleaner is Doing a Good Job

We all like to come into work and be welcomed to a clean and tidy business.  Having a good cleaner who leaves your business looking sparkling clean and fresh is not only good for your employees, your customers and your own health, it can also increase workplace morale and productivity and reduce sickness absence within your employees.

So, it’s important for you to know if your current cleaner is doing a good job.

To help you know if your current cleaner is doing a good job, here are some signs to help you out.

Do they do their full hours

Many commercial cleaning providers will give cleaners a set amount of time that they are meant to clean a business. So, when it comes to your cleaner, do they show up for their shift on time and complete the work that they are required to do?

Or do they turn up late, quickly clean your office and then leave?

Many cleaners will work very early mornings or late in the evening so it can prove difficult to keep track to see if your cleaner is turning up on time and are completing their full hours.

When cleaning any client’s property, we ensure that our cleaners are completing their full hours with our online clocking in and out system.

The cleaning cupboard is clean and tidy

As they say, if your cleaner cannot keep a clean cleaning cupboard how can they keep your business clean.

To ensure that our cleaners are ensuring that their cleaning cupboards are kept clean and tidy, we check them as part of our monthly audits and are scored accordingly. If any are marked low, cleaning staff are given improvement programmes. This helps ensure that our cleaners are providing our clients with a high level of service and are representing our values.

They are well equipped to do the job

It’s essential that your cleaner has the right equipment and products to complete their job effectively. If you’re inspecting the cleaning cupboard to make sure it is clean and tidy, have a look to see if they have a variety of products and equipment.

Many cleaners would be trained to use different products and equipment to complete their job. So if you’re staying late in the office and see your cleaner, see if they are using the correct equipment and products.

We know that you are not experts when it comes to cleaning and you expect cleaners to be doing their job correctly. But if you have seen them using one or two cloths to clean every area within your business (from the toilet to your desk) and are using all-purpose cleaning products when they should be using separate products then alarm bells should be ringing!

When our staff clean our client’s businesses, they are fully trained in using our cleaning products and are fully trained to use our colour-coded equipment to prevent cross-contamination between surfaces.

Your workplace is clean

Dust and dirt like to stick to every surface. So, when looking at surfaces, sometimes they look cleaner than they actually are. If you are unsure that your desk has been cleaned properly take a microfibre cloth or paper towel and wipe it down to see if there is any dust, dirt or debris on it. Also, when walking around your business take a look in the corners of the rooms and see if your cleaner has taken the time to properly clean them.

Although floors are a big thing to miss when it comes to cleaning, some cleaners will just clean around the desk and desk chair – not bothering to clean under the desk. Also, have a look at the inside of your business’ microwave or fridge and see if it has been cleaned of food stains and crumbs.

If these are some of the things that your cleaning provider is not regularly doing, then it may be worth speaking to your commercial manager or the cleaning company themselves and highlight issues that you are experiencing with your cleaner.

Safety first

When cleaning does your cleaner leave wet floor signs out after cleaning floors and are they careful when using equipment such as hoovers and ensuring the wires aren’t going to be a trip hazard to yourself or staff.

To us, we make sure that our clients and staff’s safety is top priority!

If your current cleaner doesn’t leave any signage out when cleaning or leave wires laying across floors when they are in another part of your business, then their cleaning could also be put into question.

For us, the safety of our staff and clients is paramount, so we ensure that our staff are provided 1-2-1 training in Health & Safety – avoiding potential accidents.

What to do next?

If you are finding that your cleaning standards are not great and are not happy with the quality of service that is being provided by your cleaner, then it is worth having a conversation with your current cleaning provider.

Having a conversation with your cleaning provider not only helps make them aware of any issues, but it may also highlight some other Professional Cleaning Services that your business requires.

If you have spoken to your cleaning provider but are still getting issues, then get in touch with us. We have over 40 years’ experience within the cleaning industry and know the pains that many businesses face when it comes to cleaning.