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Do Your Cleaners Know Their Blue Cloths from their Red?

When it comes to cleaning, there are correct ways and there are incorrect ways. Many will simply clean with a one-does-all product to clean all areas within their business – whereas professional cleaning providers will have different products and cloths for different areas of a business.If you have an inhouse cleaning team or Professional Cleaning Services in, it is important that the cleaners know how to use the correct cleaning methods and equipment to achieve high standards of cleaning, give the best first impression to visitors and create a healthy environment for you and your employee.But when cleaning do your cleaners know their blue cloths from their red?At A&R Cleaning Services all of our cleaning staff are provided 1-2-1 training on how to use our colour coded cloth system to prevent cross-contamination between surfaces.

So, what do the different colour cloths mean?

Red cloth:

Red is associated with hazards and is mainly used within washrooms (on toilets and urinals). The reason why we use red cloths within washrooms is that washroom areas pose a high risk of viral and infectious contamination, particularly in healthcare services. By only using red cloths within these areas it minimises the risk of viruses and infection spreading to other areas of your business.

Yellow Cloths:

Yellow cloths are mainly used to clean other areas of the washrooms including sinks, mirrors, tiles, glass and metals. Using two different colours for cleaning a washroom ensures that the same cleaning products aren’t used and bacteria from toilets or urinals are not spread to high touch areas such as taps or sinks – minimising the risk of staff or visitors becoming ill.

Green Cloths:

Green cloths are mainly used in food and drink preparation areas such as kitchens and bars, but also in other areas where food is processed (such as factories). However, if an area is exposed to uncooked meats or fish, it poses a high risk in terms of cross-contamination – therefore it is vital that this colour is regulated in these areas.

Blue Cloths:

Blue cloths are mainly used areas that have a low risk of bacterial contamination such as desks, window ledges and hallways (excluding food areas). Blue coded cloths can be used across a broader range of surfaces within a business.So, if you’re sat in the office and see your cleaner using a red cloth to clean your desk instead of a blue one then it may be time to change to a better cleaning provider.To find out more about colour code systems when cleaning click here.To find out more about our Commercial Cleaning Services Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend then visit our website or give us a call on 01656 713950.